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TBmodels is a Python package for evaluating tight-binding models. It features methods for reading and writing tight-binding models to various formats, and evaluating the Hamiltonian and eigenvalues of the system. It is considerably faster than comparable packages, enabling it to handle first-principles derived tight-binding models.

Please cite

For the symmetrization feature:

  • Dominik Gresch, QuanSheng Wu, Georg W. Winkler, Rico Häuselmann, Matthias Troyer, and Alexey A. Soluyanov “Automated construction of symmetrized Wannier-like tight-binding models from ab initio calculations” [PhysRevMaterials.2.103805]

Parts of the documentation

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tutorial for the symmetrization feature

detailed description of the classes and functions

description of the updates since later versions

Getting in touch

The development version of TBmodels is hosted on GitHub . Post an issue there or contact me directly with questions / suggestions / feedback about TBmodels.

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